How Does A Weary World Rejoice? We Allow Ourselves to be Amazed

Rev. Kathryn Foster Avatar

God so loved the world…. Loved = agape – reasoned love; pleasure of mind.   world = cosmos.

We hear that passage many times but do you really take that in?
God…. Loves… this…. World…and all that is in it. Really, Really, Really likes it.

 Really, Really thinks it, and we, are special just because we exist in the universe…. We exist. We are conscious beings. We are alive. We embody LIFE.

Is LIFE awe inspiring? Anyone who has studied it must know that…. This whole world, and our bodies, are in delicate balance.  Everything must work together. The more we know, the more amazing it becomes.

We sometimes ask questions like, where were you when… momentous things happened?

  • Where were you when you saw your first cell phone?
  • Where were you going when you traveled on an airplane the first time?
  • Where were you when you used your first computer?
  • Where were you when you took your first ride into space? (not yet for most of us)
  • What was the name of your first robot? (not yet for most of us)

It’s all incredible – imagine what the people in the scriptures would think of these things?
For a woman over 50 to have a child today is not that abnormal…
Woman today can have a baby with artificial insemination…. it’s not magical- it’s science.

In Advent, We celebrate Jesus, the embodiment of God, coming 2000 years ago and an amazing promise: Emmanuel – God with US.

What amazes you in this world? 
About eight years ago my granddaughter asked me this question as we were driving home from her daycare. She was three years old then. Olive’s questionGrammy, why does it get dark at night? We had just switched back to standard time and she noticed it was darker going home than before. I said, Because on this side of the earth, as the earth turns and rotates, we get turned away from the sun….. Oh……. Why does the earth keep turning? I thought a bit… and replied….. Because God made it that way…. Oh….. Why did God make it that way? I dunno. Why don’t you ask God?  Ok. I will. Loudly:God, why does the earth keep turning? (Silence in the car for over a minute – which was unusual for this little girl.) I can hardly contain my curiosity so I ask her: “Well, did God answer you? Yes. Well, what did God say? God says it’s because all the people are not dead yet. (I am amazed. Yes, because this is actually a pretty wise answer for a three-year-old. God keeps it turning just for US!)

How does a weary world rejoice? We allow ourselves to be amazed! We must open our minds and senses to it.

Review of sermon Nov. 26th

The formula for a king – Deuteronomy 17 – Not money, not distractions for pleasure or gain; Will keep the law foremost and care for the people; bring peace, healing.

Not like you have kings we have. Jesus embodied God’s idea of “king” for us.
Jesus Changed this world forever. Who can dispute that?

Elizabeth and Zechariah – Living in Roman Judea… things had not been so great for the last 500 years – read closely. What is happening? How is amazement helping their weariness?

Is WORD getting around?  It sure is…. It still does……

We read and sing about angels and visions and for many such visions are true experiences.


Seeing angels or visions may be nice, but we don’t need that to see the awesome potential of this planet, life and universe….
Amazing things: (pictures –Can you see in your mind?)

The universelook at the night sky —- what do you see? Stars and planets. They cause us to wonder as we look at the night sky.

Earthly creation – Naturelook at the ocean – Research shows that salt air calms us. Look at the mountains… the streams…. The trees… beautiful flowers… really look!

We have MANY incredible things today that our ancestors did not; they were amazed too!

Telescopes, and navigation equipment; and metallurgy; and calculus; and microscopes, and general anesthesia; and geometry; and cement; and electromagnets; and asphalt roads and germs…..and antibiotics; and birth control; semiconductors; and combustion engines; and telegraph; and radio; air conditioning, refrigerators; and…..



Does this help the weariness?  Do we allow it to amaze us?  It should.
We make progress. God knows it…. And loves that too….

Scriptures tell us that Jesus came to…. Seek and save…..(Luke 19:10) That we might have life abundantly. (John 10:10) Not to condemn the world but to save it…. (John 3:17)

This is what is still coming….. Jesus already came to let us know what is coming. And we are still talking about it.

God will not be stopped…… Angels came, and continue to come to some of us, to tell us again and again, …..that the gentle, gracious and agape, unlike-any other, loving king is coming back to preserve this creation. When the time is right, just like the last time.

If you are weary in this weary world, there is still reason to rejoice! The reasoned love of God is here now, and more is coming. This is what we celebrate each Advent.

This is what many, most, or even ALL of us secretly know in our minds, and hearts.

This is the awe that Elizabeth and Zechariah, Mary and Joseph, and all Judea knew

This is why you, and I, are here, pondering and wondering, today…..Because God so loves this world….. and so do we.